Our History

When it all began...

In the summer of 1999 Hot Media Deals was first conceived to provide industry specific "content" regardless of where else it's listed on the internet.  It is to act a central meeting place for any buyer or seller.

Being that in 2001 there were several hundred to as much as several thousand classified systems already in existence.  We did not want to be just another classified service.  Since there is no possible way to replace or eliminate all other valuable classified services. We set out to help them to succeed in their own goals by starting Hot Media Deals.

Originally in Hot Media Deals there were only two ways which anyone could advertise their items for sale.  Hot Media Deals customers can place both classified ads within Hot Media Deals or link our system to existing ads on other web sites. We call this second option an "Ad Link". This provides an opportunity for both individuals and dealers alike, to bring traffic to their own items for sale, web pages and advertisements from the Hot Media Deals group of web sites.

These "Ad Links" can point to anywhere on the internet. From search engine classified pages to auctions on Ebay, AOL member pages, geocities, personal pages, dealer ads, and anywhere else on the net you can list something to sell.

Our "Classified Ads" can have any number of pictures AND VIDEOS with each ad. So if you have multiple items for sale, it is no problem. Built into our Classified ad builder are all the necessary tools needed to post a complete custom formatted classified ad. The first of the tools is the automatic image reseizer. It makes thumbnail and a larger version of your pictures so you don't have to pre format them. Second, you can post all the usual details about your item for sale. Third, for anything else that you wish to talk about in your ad we have a web browser editor built in so you can format your ad how ever you like. You can format the text, bold, italicize, underline, align left, right, and center. You can also make bullet points of interest to make your ad stand out better.

In 2007, we added more functionality to our site than in the original 5 years in business! Customer web pages, Photo Albums, Video, Blogs, Articles, Forums, Events, & More...

Today it's 2011 and the site is larger than ever with many new members signing up every day! People have many more opportunities to advertise their vehicles for sale along with any other categorized items. They can also bring additional attention to their items using the photo gallery, videos, forums and many of the other sections.

Though we started out as simply a classifieds system that people only used when they were trying to buy or sell, now people use it as a social network, messaging system to stay in touch with friends, share pictures of their every day lives using their cars, boats, & more with the world!

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